20 Places to Photograph New York City

Unlike some other photographers i don’t mind sharing the locations i find for my photos. Growing up in New York makes it the number one thing I enjoy photographing the most. I compiled a list of my 20 favorite shooting locations for shooting the beautiful New York City skyline.

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Here is the map of all 20 places.

1. North Cove Marina: World Financial Center
Battery Park city, New York City

2. One World Trade and the Statue of Liberty
September 11th Tribute in Light from Bayonne, New Jersey

3. Lower Manhattan with One World Trade from Liberty State Park, New Jersey

Blue Angels Flyby One World Trade


4. Free ride on the Staten Island Ferry is one of the greatest views of lower Manhattan.
staten island ferry1

5. Lower Manhattan with Pylons from Brooklyn Bridge Park
The September 11th Memorial Tribute In Light 2014 New York City

6. Lower Manhattan skyline with Brooklyn Bridge
New York City skyline June 13, 2013

7. Empire Fulton Ferry/Brooklyn Bridge Park

New York City Sunset 2014

8. Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway

New York City Sunset Panoramic 2014

9. Manhattan Bridge Pedestrian Walkway

View from the Manhattan Bridge September 11th

10. Trump Soho Hotel

Lower Manhattan and One World Trade at Night

11. Top of the Empire State Building

View of lower Manhattan from the Empire State Building.

12. Top of the Rock / Rockefeller Center

New York City Sunset September 14, 2014

13. Gantry Plaza State Park

14. Hamilton State Park

US Airways Flight 1549 emergency crews at weehawken 3

15. New York Waterway, Weehawken Ferry Parking Lot

The New York City skyline just before sunrise December 17, 2011

16. Central Park / Bow Bridge

Sunset in Central Park, New York City

17. Fort Lee Historic Park scenic view

George Washington Bridge Illuminated

18. George Washington Bridge Pedestrian Walkway

Sunrise at the George Washington Bridge

19. Ross Dock Picnic Area

George Washington Bridge Illuminated

20. Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

New York City Skyline Sunrise