September 11th Memorial Tribute In Light 2014

I wasn’t in the city that day but just 40 miles north of Manhattan at my mother’s house in Rockland County on my day off from working as a bank teller. I was woken up by a phone call from an aunt in Florida who witnessed the first plane crash news on TV. I wasn’t a photographer back then nor was I very familiar with the area in or around the city to be able to see it with my own eyes. I grew up with the two towers in the New York City skyline and even though I was not in the city at the time, I feel just as much pain as those who were.

Ever since September 11th, I have felt drawn to capturing the rise of lower Manhattan.

One of the most powerful images has always been the Tribute in Light. Even from 40 miles away in Rockland County, New York, you could see the lights piercing the sky bringing a stark reminder to everyone of that day.

I was lucky enough to be on top of the new One World Trade when the final piece of the spire was installed. The overwhelming feeling from the workers who have spent everyday day on this site since that tragedy to help the United States recover.
One World Trade Center Spire Hoisted Into Place

I started getting into photography around 2007 and have captured various moments of the tower as it reached new heights.
One World Trade Center in Red

Battery Park city, New York City

One World Trade reflected

Tribute in Light memorial next to the new One World Trade (2012)

Macy's Fireworks 2013 New York City

One World Trade New York City

New York City skyline June 5, 2012

Top of One World Trade

One World Trade Sunset in New York City

and this is the tribute in light taken on the eve of the 13th anniversary (September 10, 2014)
The September 11th Memorial Tribute In Light 2014 New York City