Five Years Since US Airways Flight 1549 Crashed In The Hudson River

This one of the scariest moments I experienced living in the New York City area. It was also a life-changing moment for me. I had just recently purchased my Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera, which now gave me the capability to capture professional photos and HD video. The day the plane crashed in the Hudson River, I saw the news break on TV and raced down to River Rd in Weehawken to see if I could see anything. The police had closed off River Rd because the New York Waterway Ferry terminal was bringing in the survivors from the crash. The entrance to the ferry terminal was lined with emergency vehicles.

US Airways Flight 1549 emergency crews at weehawken 2

US Airways flight 1549 emergency crews at port imperial ferry

US airways flight 1549 emergency crews at port emperial 2

This was the closest shot I could get of the plane in the Hudson River after it had floated further south.

US Airways flight 1549 Plane after it drifted down river

A few days later the wreckage from the plane passed by our old apartment in South Hackensack, New Jersey on Route 46. Just buying this DSLR, I was torn with the decision to either shoot a photo or record video. I ended up recording video and taking a still from the video and sharing both on social media. This is where it changed my life because my photo and video ended up going viral and picked up by all local news stations and many websites like the New York Times and Jalopnik. As the days passed I began getting emails and tweets from magazines and websites from all over the world asking for the right to use my photo. I couldn’t believe how far my photo had traveled and was hooked on trying to make sure I captured more newsworthy images in real-time. The camera and my knowledge of social media have shaped my career to what it is today.

U.S. Airways Flight 1549 Being towed to Harrison N.J. from Anthony Quintano on Vimeo.