How To Make Your Instagram Photo Visible On Twitter

Many of you know that back in 2012 Instagram pulled the function that allowed users to view your Instagrams just like any photo uploaded to Twitter. Recently it has been reported that Tweets with images get more Retweets. Here is a workaround to make sure your Instagram that you share on Twitter gets more RT’s than just a Tweet with the Instagram url.

UPDATE: There are other options to do this that some think are easier. You can use IFTTT recipe to have this process automated. You can also check out TweetMyGram. One other note is that if you have Instagram set to drop the Instagram back into your camera roll after you posted, you don’t have to take the screenshot.

First step is to go through with posting your Instagram but without sharing it to Twitter through the Instagram app. photo 
Take a screenshot of your Instagram then copy the link to your photo. photo (5)
Open your Twitter mobile app and compose your tweet and add the screenshot of your Instagram. Crop your Instagram photo so only the photo is visible. photo (2)
Now your Photo will be visible in your Tweet and a direct link to your Instagram also lives in the Tweet. This does take up more character space but worth it since Tweets with just the Instagram URL have a tendency not to be retweeted as much as one with a visible photo. photo (7)