A Day With A United States Coast Guard Ice Breaker

Back in 2010, I saw a few local stories pop up about the river conditions in upstate New York. It was a long shot but I reached out to the Coast Guard to see if I could spend a day with a cutter and blog about my experience. I had posted a few photos and after the ride but never had the chance to cut together all the video I shot. FINALLY, I decided to go back and throw the footage together.

US Coat Guard Line 65611 Chief Petty Officer John C. Kast and Crew on the Hudson River

The day was perfect, there was a small snow storm pushing through the area which added to the environment that we were working in that day. Below is the video I cut together of the day.

A Day Cutting The Ice On The Hudson River With Coast Guard Cutter Line from Anthony Quintano on Vimeo.

When editing the video, I experimented with the music using YouTube’s new royalty free music library. Ended up using three tracks: The Driving Force, Warrior Strife and Eureka.

We launched the vessel from Kingston, New York where most of the ice was free-flowing. Halfway through the trip, conditions became treacherous with a frozen surface from one side of the river to the other. The cutter got stuck a few times but was able to free themselves to continue to our destination. After a full day we ended up arriving at West Point and cleared the river for the barges to move through.

This photo below gives you a good idea of the conditions we met halfway through the trip.

Hudson River Ice build up near West Point New York

The United States Coast Guard has already kicked off the ice breaking season for 2013-14 with Operation RENEW. Hoping to join them again for another ride along and post to social in real-time.