All I want on Instagram

I always get excited for a new update on one of my favorite iPhone apps, Instagram. Last night’s update, version 2.5 was very disappointing. That motivated me to share what some of the wishes I have for the application.

1. This user “Follows You”

Without having to scroll through a list of all your followers to find out who is following you, I would like to just go to a specific user and have it display wether or not they follow me. Very similar to how Twitter currently works.

2. Filtering your feed

With the increasing popularity of the app, it leaves me to want to follow more users. The more users I follow the more photos I miss from my favorite shooters. Now is the time to organize your feed with lists. I want to customize my feed so I can follow my friends, brands, etc.

What I like about the new explore tab is it points out that users can “search” on the platform which many didn’t know. The other problem is people never know what to search so I think showing trending hashtags within the platform might help.

3. View Profile Photos in Full

When I discover new users I want to be able to see who they. The tiny thumbnail that is the profile photo sometimes doesn’t allow for you to tell what is in the photo. Like the Twitter mobile app, when I tap on the profile photo I want it to display fullscreen.

4. Verification

With celebrities and brands using the platform more and more there is a need for verification on accounts.

5. Switching between accounts (Added thanks to @Hayesbtv)

Another option similar to the Twitter mobile app, “Switch Accounts” option to easily go from one account to the other without logging in and out.

What are some features you would like to see in Instagram?